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Zeeman-Veth family about villa Veth

“Liong designed our house, the result is a piece of art, like he says "form follows identity". This distinguishes him from other architects! Moreover, he inspired us with his enthusiasm, energy and craftsmanship.”

M. Felix, director Bouwbedrijf Felix,

about villa Veth

"I would already like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation we have in this way. I have admired how you incorporated the wishes of the Zeeman-Veth family into your design. They are thrilled about the house.

Again, my compliments!"

Luning family about Health House

"123DV succeeded in translating our ambitions into a unique home. They made our dreams come true".

ir. E. Bindels, director West 8,

about Brick Wall House

"The level of detailing in the house is very high. The way you walk through the house is very nicely done. I wouldn't mind living here."

ir. B. Kuipers, landscape architect,

about Brick Wall House

"I am surprised by the spaciousness of the house, particularly from the staircase with the great bay window. Because the furniture is also designed by the architect it creates a harmonious overall image of high quality."

Pet family about villa Roombeek

"He did a great job", says Frank "Liong is a purist, he takes detailing to the next level. It is unique to live in the centre of the city and feel as if you are living in a suburb."