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Cloud 9 Villa

Elegant & playful

Duin & Beek residential district adjoins the young dunes. The natural scenery all around creates a sense of total freedom for the residents. This district radiates luxury, grandeur, and comfort, combined with the tranquility and privacy of living in natural surroundings. The landscape consists of an impressive dune forest atmosphere at the foot of the Kennemer dunes.

Echoing the leafy landscape, the exterior walls of the house are executed in natural materials such as stone and timber panels. The facades of the upper floor are covered with timber panels, which are extended across the windows in the form of external venetian blinds where more privacy is desired.

To maximize openness to the garden, the living area is executed with a great deal of glass. Several stone-clad disks provide the occupants with the privacy they desire. These have been designed to the allow morning, afternoon, and evening sun to penetrate the house whenever the occupants want.


Villa Duin & Beek

Description             sustainable countryhouse on dune

Status                       under construction

Surroundings          dune landscape

Surface                     517 m² (5,565 sq. ft.) of floor area, 1,330 m² (14,316 sq. ft.) parcel

Floors                        3

Living areas             garage for 2 cars, living area, cooking and dining area,

                                     5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, children’s playroom,

                                     wine cellar

Material                      timber-paneled facade (padouk), stone

Special                        A house that is suitable for hosting business receptions while

                                      also containing playful elements, such as the cupboard in the

                                      living area, which can serve as a lounge sofa or as a place for

                                      the young children to play. The parents’ bathroom is designed

                                      as a wellness area with a view of the garden from the shower.