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East West Villa

East meets West

East is East and West is West, but the two will certainly meet. That is the opposite of Rudyard Kipling’s famous dictum from 1892. At the crossroads of two extremes, the rapprochement between the two worlds becomes visible. East West Villa, “the place where East and West come together in marvelous harmony.”


Closed off, and yet sensual in its movement. The closed wall constitutes the safe front of the house. The back, on the other hand, which is invisible from the street, is wide open. Receptive and freely susceptible to the experience of the fresh green pasture with its sheep, a typically Dutch vista. Inside, next to the swimming pool with its little lights, is a patio with tropical plants. The color of the long wall in the heart of the house is a typically Oriental red. These are only a few elements in the two different worlds from East and West.

The house makes it easier for the different generations to meet, as is more customary in the East. Besides the family with three children, the grandparents also live here, in their own, self-contained part of the house. This section, which would also be ideal as office space, is accessible through a separate entrance. 

East West villa

Description              large, modern, multi-generational home

Status                       completed 2011, garden completed in spring 2012

Surroundings          boundary between woods and meadows

Surface                     735 m² (7,911 sq. ft.) of floor area, 1,512 m² (16,275 sq. ft.) parcel

Floors                        3

Living areas             living area, dining area, kitchen with scullery, 5 bedrooms, study,

                                    TV room, swimming pool, second apartment for parents or


Material                     white and grey stucco, 2 storeys-high glass front, self-leveling

                                    floor screed

Special                      Oriental elements (patio with tropical plants, red wall) combined

                                    with Western atmospheric elements (view of pasture with

                                    sheep) for a Dutch family with Asian roots.

Photography            Christiaan de Bruijne, Raphael Drent, 123DV