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Health House

Swimming in a wave pool

Having breakfast with the deer in the back garden, as rabbits and hares graze on the edge of the woods. Discover the peace and stillness of the eastern Netherlands in the wooded Dutch village of Hattem. It’s one of those villages where people still say hello in the street and know their neighbors by name.


Our clients decided that a swimming pool would help their children to make new friends and prevent isolation after their move. They planned to live as a tight-knit family, and their health was important to them. With all this in mind, we made the pool the heart of the house. Water became a linking element, a source of contact. As the children swim in the wave pool, they are visible from every area: the garage, the kitchen, and the bedroom. Through the centre of the house, family members can remain in contact with each other at all times.

As soon as you come from outdoors into the kitchen, you pick up on a warm and welcoming ambience, the sense of days gone by. Very different in style from a conventional kitchen, it makes a perfect meeting place for family and friends. But the bar also turns out to be perfect for cooking. All the equipment is precisely calibrated, coordinated, and entirely concealed, leaving plenty of room for good conversations.


Health House

Description              wellness house

Status                       structure completed in 2009

                                   swimming pool, kitchen, and furniture in 2012

Surroundings          woods

Surface                     475 m² (5,112 sq. ft.) of floor area, 5,431 m² (58,458 sq. ft.) parcel

Floors                        2

Living areas             living and dining area with open-plan kitchen,

                                    swimming pool with sauna, 4 bedrooms, studio, 3-car garage

Material                     white stucco, frameless glass, self-leveling floor screed

Special                       Centrally located wellness and family area (swimming pool,

                                     sauna, and shower). Designed as a dust-free home for an

                                     asthmatic family member. She has not had a single asthma

                                     attack since the move.

Photography             Christiaan de Bruijne