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Hill House

among the hills

I see you lying there, in the distance, inviting, full of expectations. Your beautiful contours accentuated by the low light. In an area that still had nurseries growing plants on mineral wool until the end of the twentieth century. From the terrace on the top level of this house, the view is stunning.

The drive-in home is partly buried in the hill. The clients wanted to live on three separate levels. They also wanted an abstract, modern, smooth design. The plateaus descend in stages: a bedroom area, a kitchen and dining area, and a living area. The entrance to the house, a concealed second living-room, a fitness room, and the storage area, are underground. The timbered bottom floor functions as an ample canopy beneath which two cars can be parked.

Lines of sight are a recurrent theme in 123DV’s designs. Thus, it is possible to look far into the distance from unexpected places. From the staircase, for instance, towards the light. This creates a sense of spaciousness, although the building itself is fairly compact. To separate the living area from the kitchen, while preserving an open atmosphere, it was decided to introduce a fireplace. It is an unexpectedly bold element, not overly integrated into the surroundings, and precisely for that reason it becomes the center of the space.

The Hague

Hill house

Description             drive-in hillside home

Status                       completed 2009

Surroundings          exclusive residential neighborhood, among classical and

                                    exuberant villas

Surface                     220 m² (2,368 sq. ft) of floor area, 807 m² (8,686 sq. ft.) parcel

Floors                        2

Living areas             open living/dining room with kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,

                                    storage area, toilet

Material                     white exterior wall stucco, western red cedar, self-leveling

                                     floor screed with concrete look, oak parquet floors

Special                       Living on 3 levels, with the cooking area as the center of the

                                     living space.

Photography             Christian Richters