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Villa Dalí

Circular house, square paintings

A passion for the underwater world, an attachment to the artist Salvador Dalí, and the fluid lines of Jugendstil provided the basis for this villa’s design. By playing with colors, materials, shapes, and the use of space, we ensured that the different areas merge into one another.


According to Salvador Dalí’s “critical paranoia” technique, design is “an enlargement of the problem instead of its immediate solution.” Using this method, the client’s desire to create enough space to hang paintings was translated into a cylindrical main building with the spiral structure of a shell. Only then did we seek to devise a solution for the paintings. This meant that the method posed a fresh challenge to design and styling. 

The melting clock from The Persistence of Memory, the sensual Mae West Lips Sofa, and the sideboard with rounded edges. All the fixed items of furniture in this villa were designed along with the building and allude to the optical alienation in Dalí’s art. The views through to rooms beyond are marvelously effective, enabling the family to stay in contact with each other. You can see the children watching TV from the office. The use of organic shapes and sustainable materials lend the villa an informal, relaxing atmosphere, even though its occupants will clearly be using it to host elegant receptions.

The Hague

Villa dalí

Description              Salvador Dalí as the inspiration for a home

Status                       completed 2009

Surroundings          exclusive waterside residential neighborhood

Surface                     420 m² (4,520 sq. ft.) floor area, 1,800 m² (19,375 sq. ft.) parcel

Floors                        2 with underground storage

Living areas             open living space with living room, 2nd hall as gallery, dining

                                    room, kitchen and workspace, painter’s studio, 3 bedrooms,

                                    2 bathrooms, toilet, garage, storage area

Material                     mud plaster, rosewood, polished concrete floor, padouk,

                                     mosaic tiles, Skai leather, Tadelakt

Special                      The robustness of Spanish houses, Salvador Dalí, Jugendstil,

                                     and the shape of a nautilus shell (the clients love diving) were

                                     all incorporated thematically into the floor plans and facades.

Photography             Christiaan de Bruijne